Propellerhead sendir frá sér Figure 1.4

Propellerhead var ađ senda frá sér nýja útgáfu af Figure, ţar sem nú er hćgt ađ deila lögum á SoundCloud og streyma hljóđi til annars tónlistarhugbúnađar

Propellerhead sendir frá sér Figure 1.4

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Figure 1.4

Figure 1.4 is now in the AppStore with integrated SoundCloud export, enabling quick sharing of tracks with friends or the world. In addition there's also support for Audiobus so Figure users can now bus their audio to other effects and recording apps in real-time.

To celebrate this we're doing a contest where anyone can share their Figure-tracks and win big! It's easy to enter, just upload a track with Figure to SoundCloud and you're in the prize draw. Each play your song get equals one lottery ticket in the prize draw. The more plays you get, the bigger your chance to win!

We've also launched the Mobile Listening Gallery where you can listen to what users are uploading to SoundCloud with Figure and ReBirth.

More info on the contest:

Mobile Listening Gallery:


New Propellerhead Rack Extension: Rotor


We're proud to introduce Rotor, a rotary speaker Rack Extension straight from Propellerhead. Meticulously modeled on the Leslie 122, Rotor brings the sound of the classic rotary speaker design to Reason—perfect for adding a vintage flavor to organs, guitars, vocals and keys. 

Rotor also takes the classic rotary speaker design into the future, with two flavors of built-in preamp distortion, control over the rotation doppler effect, the horn's length and acceleration speed as well as CV output of the rotation, for syncing other Reason devices to Rotor’s speed and acceleration. 




Artist Interview: Cookie Monsta


Tony Cook was just a kid when he saw his brother playing Music 2000 on his Playstation console and in an instant, after seeing two sounds combined to form something entirely new, Tony knew that music was his calling. It wasn't long before Tony was known to the world as Cookie Monsta - DJ, Producer, and subwoofer-punisher extraordinaire.


In this brand new video we visit Tony in his Nottingham, UK studio to get an insight into how he layers Malström synths up to make his big speaker-rattling sounds.



Subtractor Micro Tutorial


Subtractor, the original Reason synth, still packs a punch! In this video tutorial we'll learn the basics of this virtual analog classic by creating a synth bass from scratch. Regardless if you own Reason, Reason Essentials or if you're just trying out the demo, this should get you started creating your own sounds with Subtractor!



New Rack Extension releases


We're not the only ones that released a Rack Extension! Here are some new additions to the Propellerhead Shop:



Distributor by Blamsoft allows individual Reason instruments to become voices in a larger polyphonic instrument. And allows for interesting variation in monophonic sequences. Distributor is the perfect starting point for building a modular synthesizer.




Volt SL-1

The Volt SL-1 by Zvork is a control voltage (CV) selector and crossfader aimed at live performance and DJ’ing. With it you can switch or crossfade easily and in sync between various values of control voltage signals.





The Measure by Red Rock Sound is a sophisticated metering and measurement tool that allows you to visually analyze your audio signal in several useful ways. Too loud mixes often sound squashed, and in long mixing sessions your ears often get used to the squashed sound so you're losing objectivity. 





The Curve

The Curve by Selig Audio utilizes a unique approach to dynamics control, by applying upwards compression across a user specified range of the dynamic spectrum. This allows The Curve to target your compression like no other device, meaning The Curve can compress everything within a user specified range while leaving the loudest and softest signals almost completely alone. 





Now & Later

Now by The Chronologists is a ten channel control voltage counting gate which allows you to extract data from a CV signal for further modulation. Now comes with accept and reject outputs, reset and threshold control, all controllable by CV.


Later by The Chronologists is a ten channel control voltage delay unit. Later comes with delay time in note values or cv samples, positive and negative feedback, a merge input, and a dry/merge/wet mixer.





New ReFill releases


Sample Magic Presents Matthew Codek

Jumping, jacking and funking house from Stereo Productions rising star Matthew Codek. Loaded with an array of beat-making ammunition, Codek mines his personal sample collection to serve up killer groove after killer groove: from ready-rolled beats with full, stripped and kick-free variants, to rolling percussive rhythms and detailed kick-free loops packed with bongos, congas, timbales, woodblocks, whistles and more.





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